Sunday, July 15, 2007

Video Games Live Concert, Houston

(picture taken from gallery from their New Haven, CT show)

This weekend, I went to the Video Games Live Concert in Houston, Texas. It was a really great show. The music was pretty much only from console games so I didn't actually know a lot of the music but Taint, Sadin, and Felix did.

The music was phenomenal and I'm glad I got exposure to some of the ones I hadn't heard of. My favorites by far were from Advent Rising, Jade Empires, and Final Fantasy 7. Very, very well composed fantasy game soundtracks. I'm very tempted to go find the Advent Rising soundtrack.

It's unlike any symphony I've ever been to! I posted the pic from their website of a previous show to emphasize the type of energy they allow the crowd to have which made the feeling of the show that much more dynamic.

If you still have shows coming to your area, I recommend trying to get tickets. More than anything, I think the producers of the show, Tommy Tallarico (MC) and Jack Wall (conductor) really carried the show with their enthusiasm and sincere love for the music they produce for the gaming industry. You could just tell how much they loved what they were doing and their musical scores speak for themselves.


Shawn said...

I saw it on Friday night and thought it was great! I really enjoyed the beginning video of all the different video games beginning with Pong. I could remember playing every single one of those games.

I think my wife (non-gamer) got tired of me leaning over and sharing my commentary on the historical significance of the various games ("Gauntlet was one of the early co-op multiplayer games").

We has fun crowd watching. It was like Renfest lite. Overall it was pretty cool to think how many people were going to the symphony for the first time. One of the people we go to church with sang in the bass section of the choir. He is pushing 70 and I asked him what he thought of the music. He said it was "different." I'm not too sure he liked the whole thing but he did think it was a good thing to get a different crowd into the hall.

I hadn't watched the opening WoW cinematic in a long time. It was cool to see it on the big screen with live music! I still wonder why the gnomes don't get any love? I'm pretty sure that they weren't in that cinematic or the BC one.

Alachia said...

I made a commentary to the guys saying "I bet the Houston Symphony and choir think we're all serious dorks".. LOL.

but they did a great job performing the pieces.

My theory on gnomes is that WoW didn't want people mistaking it for LOTR online. hehehhe.

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