Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Alachia is Dumb


oKay. Guys. Refresher course on how to not be a dumb, stupid, idiotic, moron, retard.
100x Lines of me saying F*CK!!!

SO, I have two accounts. I put my rogue on this separate account for about 5 months now. It's just her and a bank alt and of Sunday, a dwarf pally I started up.

I got this email yesterday.

Dear wow user.

Upade your account wow .
update : 8/2007

update :
(but if you clicked over the link, it really says

And because I had recently been paying for the acccount with a gift card, I didn't even think of it. I thought, oh, my account payment for the card ran out. BOOM, I click on the link. Hand over my login and password on a silver f-ing platter and go about my day.

Luckily, I'm a wow junkie and log in every day. I tried logging the account today and it kept saying, the account info was wrong. I had a funny feeling about the email because I noticed the mispelling of the world "update" too...

SO I was like F*CK! I did what I always tell other people NOT to do! NEVER click on a link from an email! NEVER NEVER NEVER! So, this fake link I got sent to was the EXACT mirror of the Blizzard login site and even kicks you to an account page that is the EXACT replica of the Blizzard acccount page. You would not be able to tell the difference. Luckily, I didn't touch my credit card info.

Anyhow, with Taint's help, I go to the Blizzard site directly on a second comp because who knows wut the hell is on my main comp now that I exposed myself to this hack. I changed the password and got sent a new one. I changed it again and logged in to assess the damage.

I had logged off in Shat last night. When I logged in, I was dead and in Razor Hill in Durotar of all places.
And the weird thing is that I'm pretty sure I had more gold. Not positive but I'm pretty sure cuz I bought primal waters last night from the AH and it cut me down quite a bit. About approx 50 more gold I think.

Nothing was missing from any of the characters except I think one bag from the bank alt but I can't be sure.

NO money gone, no mats gone, and my arena points are all there.

Luckily my rogue isn't a disenchanter.

GOD. I AM A COLOSSAL NUB. I'm just so greatful it wasn't my main account.

A few months ago, a guy wrote to me saying how he noticed his character would be logged into different places when he logged in and that it would have more levels each time. Until finally, after 20 levels, his account got banned. Weird huh? Not sure how this whole mafia works. Not even sure why they didn't strip me and send off the gold as soon as they took possession of the account.

In any case, now I have to go totally format my main machine.

SMART! real f-ing smart, genius girl!


Mercot said...

HA :)
Not really funny at all, but I'm very glad to hear you weren't completely stripped...
I think we're all allowed to fall for a phishing expedition at least once in our lives. Very good lesson to be learned these days.

quaglinoman said...

I was hacked during Rank grinding, was 1 more day from hitting Rank 11, I got hacked, everything gone. I reported it and Blizz locked account to investigate, well after 3 weeks of begging for my account back I get it back somewhat fixed, bags were now 12 slots instead of 16, got all items back, but I was now Rank 7 and refused to do that grind again. I wanted the war mount, but in the end, they took away ranks and now PvP mounts are free noob mounts for the extremely poor, they went from hard to attain to entry level default noob mounts, I would have been furious if I was Rank 11.

Dustin said...

Hey Alachia...I'm thinking of Rerolling a Hordey...and I think I remember you play on the Boulderfist Realm. What do you know about the Horde on that Realm....any fun? Do they have fun ganking you? :P

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everything on your rogue is safe. You must feel pretty violated.

I would still monitor your credit card on that account. Couldn't they have logged in through the account management site and see your info?

Gravin said...

Thankfully no, even if your CC is setup to pay for your account they don't display the full number on the account page at all.

They also don't list your last name or your phone number or full address anywhere in the account management page.

Glad you didn't get too roughed up! Everyone slips up from time to time and it's always a good for people to be reminded that even the sharpest of us needs to stay on our toes at all times.

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance."

Pvthudson said...

That sucks :( Sorry to hear about that

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