Thursday, August 30, 2007

Infamous Soup

I'm wondering if every server has one of these. A person on their server who has become a household name. You know, the person everyone on the server has heard about, the person you can always either see typing or being mentioned in trade and general channel.

A year ago on our server, it was this guy named Eggbert. He was this bad @ss rogue who challenged people to duels for money. He was so good at ganking that whole horde guilds would put out hits on him and award DKP for proof of his deaths.

After TBC came out, we finally got someone infamous. A little gnome mage named Soup. If you're crazy enough to leave trade channel and gen chan on, you get to hear this constant barrage of SOUP IS THE BEST MAGE....followed by a stream of concurrences or Soup bashing.

He and his group are best known as being the best Alliance arena 5v5 team on our server. They however are also known for their trash talking. The words "you suck" come out of their mouths more than the clients in Amsterdam.

He's also known for being a ninja in well as taking in pugs to run instances and then kicking them out when they get to bosses and inviting his guild members.

He's even got fanboys who create level 1 gnomes to follow him around yelling "SOUP IS THE BEST MAGE"

And just the other day when I started my dwarf pally, I saw someone create a character named IhateSoup. lol.

Love him or hate him, you definitely know him on our server.

I'm wondering if he's just an anomaly or does every server have one.


Starman said...

Yup, I had the displeasure of running Steam Vaults with that little turd, only to get kicked and replaced with people from his guild at the boss.

Moonknight said...

I am sure every server has one. On my last server Shadow Council, we had the infamous Packhunter. Now on Sisters of Elune we have Obelisk.

Honestly I think all these guys are probably very sheltered grown men that have never been able to take charge of anything in their lives and this is the way they feel known.

Mitchell said...


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