Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Damn the Mage

Okay. Every other class. It's fine. You win some, you lose some.
But unless the mage is a complete F-tard, doesn't use blink to get out of stuns or frost nova to hold off kite to wait for poisons to drop off or sheep to wait for crippling to fall off....they should be able to kite a rogue. How the hell do you beat a mage in a duel?

I went round after round with Taint's mage tonight. I open with Garrote for the silence, then I shiv to apply crippling. If he blinks away, I do deadly throw if I have a combo point available or I try to gouge.

But with ice barrier and ice armor on, the damn mage just kites me to no end. AND he's not even using his trinkets, cool downs, iceblock, or pet yet.

What is the point of giving a rogue a 5 point kidney shot when a mage can just blink out of it. That's it! I need to duel a shadow priest to feel validated. lol.

Okay. It's just a subtle observation I'm making about rogues vs mage. Seriously though, you'd have to be a really bad frost mage if you can't at least kite a rogue to some degree.

I'm also way under geared than his mage. I have like no resilience, my weapons suck for pvp. I'm waiting two weeks to get my gladiator pummeler. Mace spec FTW baby!

I have no doubt when my gear gets better, the shots between the gouges will make a difference against a mage. But until then... F- the Mage!


Moonknight said...

Blind! Blind! Blind!

Ok it is true, Mages can be a handful for a Rogue to deal with due to blink (which needs a cooldown equal to vanish added).

What I dont know is what your Rogue's build is, depending on certain skills and talents, taking out a mage isnt as hard as it seems sometimes. Yes they can be very deadly but if you keep your wits and dont allow the mage to dictate combat you can easily come out on top.

wowcast said...

Fadeleaf costs 2g per leaf on my server. Man. I guess I better go get my priest to go herb that stuff up in Ashevenvale or something. :D

Moonknight said...

Yeah, I have never liked how fadeleaf is not considered to be a reagent and not easily sold by the vendors. I have the same problem in acquiring it so I make deals with guildies that can harvest it to cut down on cost.

wowcast said...

I hear they will fix this in an upcoming patch so that it reduces the cooldown of our blinds and also will be a free reagent.

2g per leaf just freaks me out. I get to the point where I don't even use it in BGs cuz it's so damn expensive.

Forget about it in duels! :D

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