Friday, August 31, 2007

Postcard from Alachia Isle!

Hahaha, I got a kick out of these!
Alachia Isle, now that's a great place to visit. First, it's MMMMYYY Island! That was my best Braveheart slurr.. hehehe. Second, it's in Nagrand...can't go wrong there. Third, you gotz to have a leet flying mount to get there! :D

This was super cute. Lovin' the fishing postcard. I just think the graphic should have had text across it sayin' "GONE FISHIN'!" hahahah.

Postcards from Around the World (of Warcraft)


Peteicus_X said...

Weak, you are Alachia the floating island thief! We dueled for that island and you lost. Can I help what gear you had on? No, I can't. The real name of that island is "Rock de Boozefort". Which you are welcome to visit anytime, and will be treated as a 5 star guest...But theft is a big deal and I might have to involve the Ironforge authorities.

wowcast said...

I will own you and claim the island as Alachia Isle for ALL MY KIND!!!

wowcast said...

ps. yes, I dueled you in holy gear and barely lost...and that was 5 months ago. mwahahhahahaha. :D

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