Monday, August 27, 2007

Me and a Lock

Hahaha. I had a lot of fun tonight. Me (my sahdow priest)and a lock (syphon life/soul link) started up a 2v2 tonight to get him points for this week. It was hella fun. We climbed 310 points from 1500 to 1810 by the end of the night. It was a learning experience but tons of fun. The messed up thing was that he has no gladiator or veteren's gear yet he has 4300 arena points and 37,000 BG honor sitting around. For what??! I don't know. Hopefully he'll get his gear tomorrow and stop being a retard.

Man I love to PvP. We kept hitting 1798 and then mucking it up against a rogue team and dropping 20 points. It's hard to call when to focus the rogue or the resto shaman because both left unchecked do heinous amounts of damage, so to speak.

At first, we tried focusing the shaman but then the rogue would tear one of us up pretty fast while getting insane HPS from the shammy. What finally started to work was sort of a split DPS. Then once the rogue finished cloak of shadows, we'd focus him down and CC the shammy.

Oh. Will of the Forsake lasts 5secs. FYI. :D
*the more you know!* (que the NBC chime)

There's more to the story than that but that's all I can say on my blog. :D


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