Thursday, August 30, 2007

Clean Slate

The format went well. The hardest part was finding the drivers for all the hardware. WoW took about 2 or so hours to install. There is about 500 megs of patches if you can believe that.

I don't think I've formatted this machine since I first installed WoW on it two years ago. Crazy, huh?

It always feels nice having a fresh comp. As soon as I get a few of the multimedia software installed on the machine I'm going to image it so I don't have to do this re-install crap again if I ever format.

I think I dodged a pretty big bullet. The Blizzard gods are lookin' out for me I suppose. LOL.

Oh, funny thing, yesterday, Felix and another guildy were online when my "hacker" was online as well. They were like, "wut are you doing in Ogrimaar?"
To which the hacker replied that they were ganking horde!

wtf? lmao.


Egeslic said...

If you have an external drive, next time just drag the whole WoW folder over to it. Once you've reformatted, you can scan the Wow folder for any loggers/malware that might've been installed in that folder (usually tho, it's in the Windows folder...) This way, you can then just drag WoW back over, fully configured and updated.

So much easier than that horrid reinstall.

Thank Blizzard for making their product not fully integrate into Windows and slow it down.

Pvthudson said...

Just drag the patches over, works well! I love the fact that we can do that with this game. I always keep the largest patch after I reinstall the game once on another drive, so you never have to do that large install again.

Just run the EXE file and off you go, do it before you launch WoW

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