Thursday, August 16, 2007

Walk a mile in Leather boots

Okay, so you know that ole' sayin'? You can't really know until you walk a mile in another man's shoes? Yeah. It's true.

My shadow priest has been less frustrating for sure lately due to new strategies implemented and such. I mana drain more or less now and hope to goodness I don't get focused first. Simple strategy I know but it's rocketed us up a ton.

So anyhow, I was really getting frustrated with the priest for awhile. So I switched to my rogue. Geebus. The things you learn about another class!

Kiting a rogue is soooo easy! Without deadly throw and sprint on cooldown, a rogue is basically just mincemeat against casters. Forget what I said about cloak of shadows! Not only is it necessary, it should be on a shorter cooldown!! HAHAHAHHAHA.

Yeah. It's really really helpful to play different classes. You learn a ton that you just can't by playing your own class. Even if you can switch chars with your guildies for a few games, I recommend it. (all GMs reading this ignore that statement).

I've also been playing my mage too which has been a real exercise in frustration. I'm full frost so the 2.5 second casts are a nightmare for me in BGs. It's definitely easier to play 2v2 and 3v3. I just do most of the crowd controlling but it's still difficult to juggle between cc and dps.

So yeah. I've been gearing up my rogue mostly now and hitting BGs. Step 1 for PvP integration! Any rogues want to share their DPS cycles with me, I'd love to hear it!

Right now, I'm mostly concentrating on keeping one healer completely stun locked for the duration of a battle. It's not as easy as it looks!


Delilah said...


Moonknight said...

Ok finally Alachia understands!! I have been trying to tell you that being a rogue was not all it seems cracked up to be. Cloak of Shadows was a great gift but if used way too early in a fight we are toast against a good caster.

However, dont think that my only tools are deadly throw and sprint, I still have some tricks in my bag.

wowcast said...

okay, mr. rogue-ness! Share your secrets!!

Moonknight said...

ok I will toss a small bone. Poisons are your friend!

I will probably email you details as it could be a really long post here.

wowcast said...

yeah. in Arenas, I use Mind Numbing and Crippling but if I don't get off the initial hit with poison, it seems to take forever to apply. Even with Shiv.

AlexPKeaton said...

Here are a few tips to help:
1. +run speed is the most important enchant/jewel that you can possibly get.
2. Like moonknight said, poisons are your friend. So is Blinding Powder. Burn this up like candy, it is cheap.
3. A good MH weapon is the most important piece of gear by *far* for a rogue. Aldor exhaulted sword is a good start and very easy to get.
4. Get a spell-alert mod and learn to anticipate the fears. Know which fears are AoE and which fears are targeted. For AoE fears, just run out of range, save your kicks for other things if you can.
5. It is to *your* advantage to slow fights down if you are 1v1 unless you are up against a healer. It is almost always a good option to shiv crip, re-stealth, and attack with a full energy bar.
6. Lastly, a hidden secret among veteran rogue players is to invest in a Nostromo n52. Either that or spend a lot of time binding your keys. Whatever you do, do not be a clicker!!!!

If you have any questions, let me know. :)

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