Tuesday, August 21, 2007

PvE blues

So I've been doing heroics lately on my rogue trying to get badges for the [Bloodlust Brooch]. Man, I hate PvE. It's just so monotonous. Even heroic mode is the same ol same old instance.

I guess the part I still enjoy is just hanging out with friends. It's good to have people to rag on when you're spamming the same buttons over and over again. Jaded? Me? No way! hahahaha.

Wachahahah. I'm typing this as the priest runs back to my body to rez our asses. We just wiped on the second to last pull for Slave Pens. Two rogues, mage, warrior, dwarf priest. GG when saps don't go off right :).

I really need to get revered with Sha'tar so I can do Mech Heroics instead. That's an easy, fast five badges.

After I'm done with this instance, my @ss goes back into EOTS to grind more BG honor.

Can't wait for the Lich King to come out so I can grind some more!!! hahaha. okay. Maybe I shouldn't post when waitinf or pug rez....it's bad mojo.


Pvthudson said...

gonna have to level with the expansion to keep PVP competitive, better get those PVE boots back on and suck it up!

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