Tuesday, March 25, 2008

2.4 Patch Notes Highlights

Patch 2.4 is live and dedicated in memory to Gary Gygax!
Here are my highlights. I can't wait for the servers to go live so I can test the new stuff out. I already know of one crazy jewelcrafter who is going to obtain every new recipe possible ASAP. It's too bad we have Karazhan tonight or we could try the new Sunwell instance!

*Holy Shock: The healing, damage, and mana cost of this spell have all been increased.

*Enchanting recipe to shatter a Void Crystal into two Large Prismatic Shards.

*Honor will now be instantly calculated, and available for player use

*Queue times for arena matches have been reduced. Players will now be able to enter matches faster than previously.

*Increased the chance that Felweed, Dreaming Glory, Ragveil, and Flame Caps will contain a Fel Lotus

*Gems obtained through Heroic difficulty instances are no longer Unique-equipped

*A new jewelcrafting recipe has been added to transform many green quality gems into a single random blue quality gem. This recipe is available from grandmaster jewelcrafting trainers

*Players will no longer need the Master’s Key to enter Karazhan. The gates to Karazhan will still require the Master’s Key to be unlocked

*The friends list now has a notes field per friend. Click on the note icon to add a note for a particular friend

*Players can now opt out of looting for group loot, round robin and need before greed looting styles. If a player turns this on, they will not get a looting turn in the loot cycle. This can be turned on from the right-click menu on your own portrait

*Players may now inspect players of the opposing faction while they are not flagged for PvP

*When both flags are held, the flag carriers will receive 50% increased damage done to them after approximately 10 minutes and 100% increased damage after approximately 15 minutes. Flag carriers can now be tracked 45 seconds after picking up the flag

*Players will now be able to purchase level 70 Superior quality PvP items from reputation vendors

*Players can now only carry 80 Conjured Manna Biscuits at a time.

*Primal Nether are no longer Bind on Pickup!

*Chastise no longer disorients the target, but now is instant cast and roots the target for 2 seconds.

*Cyclone range is now 20 yards, down from 30.

*The benefits of drinking out of combat have been delayed while in the Arena. It will now take four seconds before the full benefit of the mana regeneration will come into effect. (OUCH!!!!)


Anonymous said...

Hey. I was listening to your podcast about arena and then arena guildlines. Where can I find the link to that addons that you were talking about.



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