Monday, March 03, 2008

Adorable Faction

I checked out one of the newest factions Blizzard posted for the Lich King, The Tuskarr. They're quite cute. I'm going to enjoy collecting 10 clams for 75 rep or One baby seal for 200 rep. LOL.

It doesn't appear to be a playable race which is good because we all still have our fingers crossed for a new Worgen race. Ah yeah.

Peeps in our Karazhan group alway fight to get the [Torment of the Worgen] from the Sealed Tomes off the ground. Would be pretty cool to finally have a formidable looking race on the alliance side.


WoW4Ever said...

THE WORGEN - IS A PLAYABLE CLASS! in next expansion it will be playable :D :D

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