Friday, March 07, 2008

Min Episode, Max Dps

Been sitting on a new episode for about three weeks now. I hate that I can't establish a regular schedule. It's frustrating for sure. I always feel I haven't fed the cat in three days or something. lol.

I just get so caught up in WoW is my problem. Like this past month, my obsession has been getting my druid reputation and gear, getting the guild into SSC, and getting Sad's lock exalted with Aldor.

Sometimes I just set my mind to it and then nothing else matters. Like this past week, I've been obsessed with farming the AH for Sunfury Signets to get Taint exalted with Scryer on his shaman.

There's also this great site we discovered that also adds to my shopping list for gear.

Not only does it help you find you the obtainable gear for your playing accessibility, you can also input your current stats and it will show you what your max dps should be.

I have a hard time with a lot of players that underplay their character. All dps classes should use this site to find out if they are on under or over par with their character's dps.

Granted, your dps will probably be 100-200 lower than the stats because those are MAX stats. Meaning you are standing still and have free reign to DPS.

I plan to do that with my druid.

This past week, something truly strange happened. Taint's totally green 70 shaman came to our kara run and almost obliterated our COMPLETELY EPIC'd out Hunter. It was MIND BLOWING. I was like WTF???!!!

He did have a lot helping him though. I was spec'd boomkin on my druid, he had 5/5 misery from the shadow priest, and there was no warrior to apply sunder armor to the mobs.

However, still.. jeeze. Are you kidding?? GREEN @ss 70 shaman beating out our TOTALLY Zul'jin geared hunter. It totally blows my perspective about how I've been making assumptions about DPS.

I'm going to use max dps to help me get a clearer picture.


nofax1 said...

yeah, maxdps is great. it's especially good for seeing what your next upgrade is. one thing that helped me increase my dps output exponentially is an addon called Quartz. It's a cast bar but it takes into account your latency and server lag so you have an idea of when to start casting your next spell to achieve your optimal damage output. I started including it in my mod pack if anyone is interested. It's on Curse at
or on my blog at

Mercot said...

Sounds like the Tale of the Green Shammy could lend some perspective to the Great Debate over Skill vs. Gear in raid assembly and progression.
Seems like it supports the idea that gear is not so much an issue if you have a very skilled player behind the character. I suppose that's good news for the good players who aren't all that well-geared due to time-constraints. But then you have to wonder how they're so good if they don't have time to play...

I vote that the chicken came first.

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