Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pallly T-shirt FTW

( jinx t-shirt)

I love my new paladin t-shirt. I couldn't decide which class to get at first. This past year I've had so many "mains"....and with the rebirth of my druid, I wasn't sure. The paladin class has never seemed a "perfect fit" for me...especially since she's a dwarf...but the over all game play...I'd say has been superb for me. So she's my unofficial "main" at the moment.

Who knows, maybe I'll buy a mage, rogue, druid, and priest t-shirt as well so I can have one for every day of the week.

At the guild get together this past weekend, one of the guildies asked me if I was wearing like 5 of those shirts at one time. I was like "you know, I should, that way I can be ready for whatever class we need" LOL. I think you need a mage for BBQ though....conjured mana biscuits and brisket. YUMMM.


The Fake Sangai said...

lol, and a fire mage at that...

personally, I opt for a Tauren Druid...they come pre-marinated.

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