Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Irresponsible Raider

Profile of the Irresponsible Raider

1. Only signs up for major raids (never to be seen in heroics or kara)
2. Shows up in green gear with less than 6k HP unbuffed (good sh*t like [Shadow Council Tunic])
3. Usually either less than 500 bonus spell damage or less than 1000 healing bonus
4. ZERO enchants
5. Probably has no mana or health pots.
6. Most probably doesn't even know what flasks are
7. Has no clue about the fights
8. What gems??
9. Has no clue about gear (often rolls on down grades because they are epic)
10. Has NO clue how to play class and doesn't bother to ask.

Sometimes I wonder if I should stop trying to be a compromising GM and be the a-hole I probably need to be so some people can get perspective. I'm already at the point where I can't cast a heal without pissing someone off. :D It's so fun....not.


Caitin said...

After raiding for 2+ years under various different types of leaderships, I will have to say the raids that have very little to no drama, most productive and, most importantly, most fun are the ones with a dictatorship style leadership. Most people don't see raids as a combined effort that is a time commitment of 25 people not just that one raider. Most will think if they take a 1 min afk to go change CDs or crap like that, its only wasting 1 min of their time and not 25 x 1 min = 25 min collective time. It is much easier to lead as a dictator when you have this in mind as it will be that much easier to replace that 1 noob, drama queen, not prepared peeps with ppl who might not be as geared but are more prepared to raid.

Gravin said...

There's nothing wrong with setting a bar for people to achieve in order to run 25 man raids imo.

If people wish to RAID then they'll put in the effort. If they do not wish to then they won't.

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