Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Jinxed myself

LOL. Okay, so since I recorded the last podcast, the whole guild alliance thing has been going through some huge hurdles.

I have no idea what is happening either specifically. That's what I get for saying what's what before the fat lady sang.

Those cultural differences I kept talking about...well, they're becoming more and more acute each week. I keep trying to torque the pain train as best I can but it keeps rearing through.

Tonight I argued with one of their guild members about the difficulties of letting people bring in alts. Yes, it's lovely to have an array of geared alts to help the guild out. But when only one is truly geared and the rest are only average, it's not fair to the rest of the guild to only have one person subbing in just so they can gear up. If that was the case, I'd have a whole raid full of alts and we'd never progress anywhere.

That being said, he was pretty bitter at me about it. My real problem was that it was MY problem and not the cykos guild leader's... I shouldn't be arguing with his guys about the rules. But I guess since I was trying to enforce the rule, it was ultimately my problem.

Also the abrasive nature of the raid leading. It's getting to be too much for most of the jae guys. They just can't get used to the vast amount of negativity that rains down. Every mishap, every mistake, and even every triumph is usually bracketed with a negative comment.

I'm a pretty patient person but I'm just having a hard time trying to keep a good balance. I'm actually losing people now because they don't want to expose themselves to cykos. And the few people I've manged to sub in...well god, they're never coming back because of all the screaming and cussing and crying done by the cykos guild leader.

I spoke to him about it earlier this week. Telling him that my guys just can't take it. And for Saturday's raid he seemed to do better. But went straight back to the way it was.

I like the guy.. don't get me wrong. Like I said, it's just the nature of how they's their style. He's a funny and nice guy on a personal level...but on the raid level, my guys are about to just walk away from me if I keep exposing them to this type of behavior.

I'm doing my best to keep the peace and calm both sides down. It's just getting harder each week.

And not only that...we have problems on our own end. Our guys aren't taking the consistency of raiding seriously. Some want to only come for one day out of the week because two is too much or they can't handle staying up till midnight. And I have to respect what they want but at the same time, with THAT casual an attitude, I can't seriously host a progression raid. It's just not going to happen if we can't bring our numbers to the raid.

That being said, I'm really hoping we can turn things around soon. I'm actually thinking about recruiting people to the guild again. Maybe if we get Vashj down this weekend, morale will improve and we can get on track again.

Such a crying shame because we were doing SOOO unbelievably well.


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