Sunday, June 29, 2008

QQ and then PEW PEW

Did Arenas tonight.
Yes, I thought I might actually quit arenas after Season 4 started and only do PvE but Taint won't let me. LoL. It's the only thing he likes to do in the game so it's the only thing we can do with him...

So we started up the Arenas again. We're working on two sets of teams which is really weird. Druid, Lock, Rogue (druid and lock have zero arena or bg gear) and Warrior, Pally, Enh Shaman (Shaman being the only undergeared).

Druid/Lock/Rogue is our qq team because everyone just dies so easily and Sad and I still don't really grasp our characters well. Playing a druid, I have to be able to cycle between roots, cyclone, heal, charge, and abolish poison a lot. And you can't have small hesitations between any of them. It all has to flow like poetry. At least, that's how the bad @ss druids do it.

Needless to say, after 10 games, we landed back at 1500ish..maybe 1495 or something. It was rough. Then we hopped on our War/Paly/EnhShamy team.

It was crazy. We were tearing through PMR teams like they were out of style. Priest/Mage/Rogue teams are still the most formidable in 3v3s to date. IMO.
But we slowly climbed our way to 1550 and then got our Brutal Leggings and ended the night with 1600 for the Brutal Chest piece.

I thought I was going to be more upset about the rating caps for gear but honestly it actually makes you look forward to progressing you something to look forward to at each level of play.

Now, I still think 2050 for weapons and 2200 for shoulders is crazy ridiculous! It's like 1700 gets you the head piece and then bam, you're not seeing crap for gear until you jump 300 more points. /cry


snape said...

Nice... good to see you at the arena goblin. :)

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