Monday, August 18, 2008

BT High and Bye?

(current wallpaper)

We made it out of the cellar of of BT and into the courtyard. It's not that pretty an instance but it is finally nice to see what all the fuss was about. I'd almost say I'd be content to call it GG here. :)

Supremus was a fun fight but the actual raiding situation is slowly deteriorating as I'm finding I have less and less patience for cykos. While they provide us with the people we need to continue to progress, I start to wonder how much more I'm willing to put up with. The punk baby attitude has gotten better but the general blame-game, low moral attitude has escalated in its place.

(Shade of Akama down! 3rd boss in BT)

So back in Hyjal, the Tank takes 4 crushing blows, only puts up shield block once, doesn't use HP, HS, or Shield Wall or anything and goes ballistic on the healers when he dies. It's pretty shameful actually. First, blaming is retarded. It never solves anything. Second, don't point fingers if you refuse to acknowledge every aspect of something going wrong.

This is a progression raid. Mistakes happen, there is a learning curve for every fight. Stop acting like the world is coming to an end after one wipe! LOL!! GRRR!

The day we actually moved forward in BT should have been a really fun and good day and we should have left that night feeling really good. But the bastard turned it into a "YOU GUYS SUCK!" ending. And although I am able to control parts of the outcome, I honestly don't have the energy to keep on top of this four year old's temper tantrums. He sent me an apology the next day but still...I feel like I'm gonna get battered wife syndrome soon. LOL. I can put up with a lot actually. I've developed a high tolerance for this type of attitude in the's just should I?

So see more content and continue to fight Mother Russia? Or quit while we're ahead?


Blodwin said...

Well my guild has just downed Illidan so you must be quite close to where we are. However you have a couple of problems coming up. Archimonde is a horrible fight that requires precision timing form everyone. Seriously, you just can not be carried in there. I did it about 3 times and gave up. My guild have gotten him 3 times now but I doubt I'll ever see it happen. Then in BT Reliquary of Souls is a pig too. Assuming you get through that Illidan needs an on game tank. It's not down to the healer its down to the tank in that fight.

You can only bully your way through so much raiding. Fortunately for us our two main raid leaders keep our GL on a tight leash but to do well you have to have a good attitude. That includes people doing what they are told and being honest about why they died.

What many people will weigh up right now is that the new expansion is only months away and is any of this really worth it? I'd rather be consolidating small personal relationships that are going to matter when you are LFM when you hit the first dungeon on day 1 of the Lich King. (yes it is that close to entering the new zone). After that you are going to need good friends to get you and your many alts to 80 and have fun doing it. A raid party wont help you level and they will no doubt split of into like minded groups of their own.

Come the next end game you may feel different but right now I think friendships that are going to be helping you get to 80 are more important than a slim chance at some loot.

snape said...

well, now that welfare epics are a thing of the past, you can truely test your skills and try to get to 1800 or 2000 rating. :)

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