Tuesday, December 12, 2006

B3st Trip Ev3r

HOLY mother of god. Best fucking trip evAR!!!!!
Even though it ended it kinda rocky, it was such an amazing experience.
I worked my ass off to the bone, starved, got next to no sleep, but you couldn't have paid me a million dollars not to have had the experience that I did. There's so much to talk about, I could spend the next two days talking someone's ear off about it. But I'm gonna save it for the podcast. :D

The Basics:
I got to admin the Quake 4 and Warcraft 3 tournaments. I got to meet all of the players. I got to learn all of their faces. I got to see every aspect of their game play. I got to see every behind the scenes shit you will NEVER EVER see or hear about.
The best part, I never signed a NDA. hehehe.

I got to meet all the people who make the show possible, who work their asses off to the core to make what you will see air on CBS (CSTV) the kick ass show that it's gonna be.

What I got out of it:
A picture with Fatality, seeing some awesome fps and rts strategies, getting to be around some of the best gaming equpiment ever. Making friends with some of the coolest guys from TSN and GMP. Watching gamers cry (yes they do). And the strongest desire I've ever had to atttempt to go Pro!! I wish I was about 10 years younger.

Thank you Scott Valencia for making this weekend possible. You made this gamer's world! It was beyond amazing.

And thank you Starman for helping me get back home (super long story that involves an evil bitch coordinator which will be in the podcast)....


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back safe n' sound and from what it seems pretty happy you went!

Have a good one!


Alachia said...

and yes. Saturday I froze my ass off. The wind chill was like a thousand needles piercing through me. I don't know how to dress for winter in the north. In Texas, a coat and scarf works fine over a t-shirt. :D

Anonymous said...

Great that it went to sell, and so eager about new podcast (mp3 player broke so ive been totally deprived).
Lets see those pictures ;D

Anonymous said...

The sad part was that Alachia didn't have nearly as much free time as she thought she would. We still had fun hanging out, and I got a ticket when I went to pick her up. Who knew that was a taxi-only zone?


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