Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Be Careful What You Wish For

Okay, So I asked for it. I wanted to do Arena all this week and that's what we've been doing. The downfall of continuous arena practice is that you finally get to playing a much wider variety of teams. You will experience highs and lows of battles. There will be spikes of victory and repeated rounds of losses. That's just how that cookie crumbles.

Tonight, we were just completely mashing and barely pulling it together. We were having repeated arguments with our rogue about the sustained dps vs burst dps. Cooldown ponies have their limitations. Cooldown pony is a class whose abilities do burst dps but then go into a 3min cooldown rotation.

Our dps was not focused tonight at all. Too much crowd control and not enough to give us the 4-5 advantage we always seem to need.

But on the plus side, I started to practice my mass dispel strategy and it worked twice against two pallys and one mage. Very powerful indeed.

But to top off our pretty crappy gameplay night, we kept going against this team who would alpha strike us pretty hard. Alpha strike is supreme burst damage usually consisting of 2 or more cooldown ponies. They won twice and both times they gave us the finger and yelled, NOOBS! YOU GUYS SUCK!!!!

The sad thing is that they're hovering in the 1500 rating like us so the reality is that yes, we suck, but they suck too. lol. Even funnier, it was their pally who kept giving us the finger. if they know what it's like to have to heal through cloth. :) tsk tsk. (pally envy talking there)

But yeah, you're going to get those types of teams and players. They do it to phase you and of course, get a laugh and make themselves feel a little better. Our childish response back to them was "You guys are so leet. We wish we could be like you"

hahahah. we stooped down a few notches as well. Besides get pissed off and move on, what can you do?

Anyhow, hopefully tomorrow proves to be a better day for battle.

P.S. Head on over to for info on Thursday April 19ths meeting if you're interested.



Maclort said...

We got that once.. twice actually. Had the bad luck of fighting against another horde team on same server and after the match (it was two warlock against us two mages) one of them started whispering me telling us we suck and have no chance.
So when we signed up for antoher arena match it was those two again :S
And we lost again...

Needless to say he was put on ignore.

Gotta wonder what type of people make those macros tho...
I would never make something like that just to insult.

Alachia said...

same reason, people would cuss you out in FPS games when they smoked's all in the rush of feeling on top.

I always feel good when I win but I don't ever feel the need to make people feel like sh1t about least not to their faces...

That's just rude. :)

And in WoW, I think it hurts the Arena community. It's all in good fun yeah. I wouldn't have even minded them calling us noobs and taunting us..but the finger was a bit much.

There's only so many times you can push someone down before you create a complete atmosphere of hostility..and if you want to turn on your national news, you can see that's just dangerous.

keep it fun is what I say.

Pie said...

I hope you reported them for being offensive and spamming, people like that don't deserve to play the game.

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