Thursday, April 19, 2007


I was on MetaTalk tonight getting ready for the meeting today. Someone had mailed me something in the game and I was trying to reply and realized I couldn't because I didn't have enough copper!!

Oh man, being poor after being so rich totally sucks. So Britnay offered to help me farm gold. We created two human rogues and grinded quests and mobs until level 6. Combined, we got 47 silver!

I even tried my hand at RPing. To a level 70 warrior in Goldshire: "Sir, would you be so kind as to spare 40 silver so I may buy a cat?"

He responded: "NO"

Oh well. But luckily by the end of the gold farming spree, we had enough for me to pay 40 silver for my Bombay cat!! WOhoo! And I have enough silver now to reply or write at least 20 in-game mail.

Thanks Britnay for the help!

MetaTalk has a pet and is set for tonight!

For info about the meeting check out

Tonight April 19th, 8pm central

Scarlet Crusade US/Alliance/Stormwind/The Park
/w MetaTalk

Hope to see you guys there!



Starman said...

No Hyacinth Macaw?


Vino said...

I'll try to be there, just trying to cancel something else to come....

Maclort said...

So.. badly want to be there lol.
Hope you guys have a good time.
Can't wait to read the text log if you are going to post it again, Alachia.

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