Thursday, April 12, 2007

MetaTalk Tonight

Okay. I'm getting really nervous. I'm a total socialphobe.
I feel like puking. lol. No joke. What's wrong with me? Why can't I be more social?
sigh. well this will be a good experiment for me for sure.

Tonight, as I was logged on to MetaTalk to set up some macros, I got a tell from someone who had just created an alt on the server. We ended up chatting in The Park for a good two hours! So I guess MetaTalk has already worked! lol! We discussed the possible future MMOs, determinism vs free will, and good food in Texas :)

For a layout of the plan tonight, you can visit

I've also posted a map there as well just in case! Hope to see you guys there!

Scarlet Crusade US/8pm-9pm central/Alliance/Stormwind/The Park
/w Metatalk



Moonknight said...

Metamoon, will be there. I think you will appreciate my arrival. :)

Alachia said...

hahhaha, should I be scared?
Are you coming as a shaman!?


I look forward to seeing you there, moon!

Mercot said...

Will there be punch and pie?

Moonknight said...

Shaman....good idea, but I think what I am doing will be really cool. Hope you like it. I would imagine you will be ROTFL as soon as you see me.

Lisa said...

Hello, I have been listening to your podcast and planned on attending - I even created my alt and parked her in the park. And then I forgot! Ugh! How did it go? Hope it was fun. =)

Moonknight said...

I thought the event was a huge success. A lot of people attended and there were some really cool stories from those that spoke.

I think the coolest part was that a lot of attention was on us from the outsiders. There was chatter in General about us being gold farmers having a meeting. I was very cool!

Igoo said...

Great event last night Alachia. Was a ton of fun. 30 people was a good turn out for the social experiment. The intro stories were good, but the only constructive comment I would make is if there is any way we could make things more interactive and faster paced, I think it might help for us ADD types. I would be willing to help in any way I could. Please don't take this as me bitching, it was a lot of fun. /tar metatalk /cheer /clap /end

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