Sunday, April 15, 2007

PvE Burnout

Today I had to wake up early to help get Sadin his last two Primal Nethers to craft his Mooncleaver axe. Both Terrer and Sadin crafted theirs today and put the Savagery enchant on them. Now 2/3 of our arena teams have the tier 2 axes. Too bad we're all still trying to progress through Karazhan.

The whole spec/respec aspect of flpping between the different aspects of the game can be quite frustrating. Am I shadow? Am I holy? Is he prot or is he arms/fury? Is he feral, boomkin, or resto?

I think it's great that Blizzard has given a lot of classes such variety in their class but the respec cost has been very costly for us. It makes it very difficult to be part progression raiding and part Arena team.

I was hoping to spend more time devoted to our 5v5 arena team for next season but I'm not sure how that can happen if we have to spend so much time and in different specs for Kara.

We're actually almost done with Karazhan. We need to down two more bosses but something tells me that it won't end there. So I'm finding myself giving up the more exciting part of WoW for me at this time to commit myself to doing something the majority of my group wants to pursue.

I'm still having fun but I'm truly beginning to believe that PvE is not where my heart is anymore with this game. Maybe it's the Heroic burnout talking though. I could easily be singing a different toon in another week or so. :)



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