Monday, October 06, 2008

Adventures in RP Land

I'll say the one great thing about the PvE to PvP transfers is that it has allowed me the freedom of opting to roll on a PvE server. If I do actually get it to 70, I can transfer it back to my home realm etc.

Actually, specifically, it's an ROLE PLAYING server. It's quite a cultural change for me and I have found the first 13 levels to be quite unique because of it. For instance, as Flipmax and I were running to kill Goldtooth in Goldshire, we saw two level 70 male human toons off to the side of the mountain just standing next to each other.

We paused for a few seconds and were like "OKAY! movin' on!!! Nothing to see here!"

Then when I was fishing in Stormwind (what happens when you tandem level, you gotta fish when your buddy isn't online), it wasn't long before a human warrior started fishing next to me. Then he started chatting me up in /say. It was so weird. Just this friendly sort of banter back and forth while we sat there casting out into the moat.

He then offered to take me to Goldshire to learn the cooking profession. I tried to tell him that you could learn it in Stormwind in Old Town as well but he didn't hear me or something in the /say and then he ran off.

Later, while I was still fishing, this player in fish form from the Fishing Tournament Trinket [Hook of the Master Angler] started swimming by. I was so surprised, it freaked me out actually at first. At first I had thought they must have brought back the Croc in the Stormwind moat.

Then he does a /say
You's look tasty
Careful where you swims

hahahahahahahaha. RP servers are awesome.


ObiWanAdobe said...

That was funny. I started playing WoW on a PvE server but after burning out on the grind I went on to explore an RP server. It was a throw back to playing as a kid which led to tabletop RPing games.

I realized sometime later that I really love the escape of telling a story rather than just playing a platformer or pattern recognition.

I still like being a storyteller but it's something not everyone can appreciate. In the end we all play the game we want but it's nice to experience a different point of view from time to time.

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