Sunday, October 05, 2008

Double Trouble

(I'm on the right)

So out of shear boredom and not wanting to deal with guild shit, Flipmax and I flirted with the idea of rolling on another server. (like for realz this time). Just for fun so that we have a place to escape and just sort of play on our own terms. A lot of other people in our guild have done something similar.

So we decided to do twin characters because we thought it'd be the best way to throw people off. Twin warlocks it was. At first we were on the RPPvP server I started the RAOK guild on..and then we were like "WTF are we doing?!! we can roll on a PvE server now! LoL."
So we ended up rolling two human locks on the MetaTalks server instead.

Two locks together, OMG, Over Power to the 10th power! I can not believe how many mobs we were able to take on at like level six! hahahaah.

And what's even funnier is that we kept talking about how we would be able to deal with a lot of the horde situations in Redridge cuz of our OP.. then were like OH YEAH!!!! no ganking on a PvE server!! hahahaha. easy sauce!! straight to the top!

I will say though that being on a server with NO resources is pretty harsh coming from a place where I normally start all my new alts with 18 slot bags and enchanted gear. I'm not sure what's easier, PvP server with resources or PvE server with no resources. :)

We also named our toons almost idential. Liee and Liey. So hopefully people will always be confused. Since this is an RP server, I'm supposed to come up with our background story but am having writer's block.

So far, we're trying to even have synchronized casting times. lol. okay okay, maybe that's going too far. hehehe. Actually our plan is for me to go demonology and him to go affliction and see if that provides a good balance.


Unknown said...

Hah! They are gonna think you are duel-boxing two characters!

Alachia said...

no doubt.

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