Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bring back the Zombies!

Saturday saw the height of the zombie take over on my server. Every major city was completely ravaged by zombies. All bank toons dared not log in! Stormwind looked like the under city! Everyone was infected and all the guards were dead.

It was quite annoying for sure but at the same time there was something amazing about this little virtual disease. As a guild mate pointed out, it was the best cure for Gold Farm Spamming toons. All the little level one toons that love to sit idle in Stormwind spamming their gold macros were all dead. lol.

In addition to gold farmers being killed off, people who sit idle in IF and Shat who love to troll Trade Channel had to flee for their lives as well! hehehe. It was quite the little reprieve from the normal epeen slapping, hate spam we usually get in our chat channels.

Bring back the disease Blizzard! lol. I'll just never be able to retrieve anything from my bank toons but it's a sacrifice I'll make! :D


ObiWanAdobe said...

This all reminded me of the corrupted blood bug back a few years back.

Also, I recall hearing about scientist wanting to use WoW and the corrupted blood model as a study of a rapid infectious disease and social reaction.

It appeared to me that Blizzard took what they learned from the bug that was corrupted blood and made a model that might be interesting to dissect.

Ryan said...

You couldn't be more right :)

Unknown said...

Real shame how they suddenly stopped it. Of course it was the winy people wining about it.

it was the most amazing fun while it lasted though.

See here my screenshots of taking over Honor Hold keep with my zombie hord, and actually killing Danath Trollbane (and turning him into a zombie)

Unknown said...

Oh.. link:

Alachia said...

that's awesome! I wish I could have been part of a mob!

ObiWanAdobe said...

"Of course it was the winy people wining about it."

The whiny people were only matched in the end by the a$$hats.

The story line was stopped because it ran its course. A few days of the event with quicker and quicker incubation time should have been the giveaway that Blizzard never intended the infection to go on forever.

It was a masterfully done world event in my opinion and its short time makes it all the more memorable as something we all had a chance to see and not some regular event that diminishes the fun.

As with the corrupted blood bug, it was something for those that saw it to remember. I just hope its not something we see on a regular basis. You can only go to the well so many time before you realize its just water.

That is of course, if the whiners don't force Bliz to bring this event back over and over again in lieu of good new content.

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