Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fastest Server Shutdown

Something is up for sure. Just experienced the fastest server shut down known to all of Azeroth. 15:00 to reset, two seconds later, 3:00, 1 second later 2:45, 3 seconds later 1:50, 2 seconds after that 15 seconds still shut down.

They really, really wanted to fix something. I heard there might be a bug with AQ where the server restart exploited the AQ instance to make it think the event was happening again. Therefore, you could actually recreate the scepter to get the black resonating crystal. Would that warrant a shot gun server restart??? Seems doubtful.


Unknown said...

Yea, at least you got some kind of warning. Seems lately the server I'm on has a tendency to go "poof" without notice. Hopefully we pay the price of installing the new release right now and once the real WotLK hits it will be smooth sailing... One can only hope.

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