Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stormwind Harbor

Well, I got very little work done this afternoon. Patch days are hard to work through. In any case, I got into my RP vacation home server as it was the first to go live. A fellow guildy kept going crazy in Bindpoint about how awesome the scenery looked and how they must have changed the graphics cuz everything is so much more 3D!

So I logged in.. and OMG!!! The graphics look so cool and everything is so much more 3D!! And there's a new shadow effect thing etc.

We went to the harbor first. WOW!!! Crazy! Beautiful open into this huge harbor. It goes to make Stormwind feel THAT much more epic. And just when you think you're down there and you've kind of got the feeling of space, you look back up to Stormwind and WOW! It just looks so legendary from that angle. He also discovered there's now a boat that takes you directly from Ashenvale to Stormwind.

Next, we went to visit the king but because I don't know any Lore, I'm not sure what was different except this guy had some cool outfit and there's now a huge wall statue behind him. Also, in Stormwind Keep I saw my first gnomehawk. very cool!

After a quick server crash, we were rounding the corner to the Barber Shop! woot! My first achievement on that toon. She got a new hairdo. Also. we tried out the /cower emote and it's the funniest sh*t ever. /cower /cower /cower

I imagine for the next few days Stormwind will be the place to be!


Ryan said...

I wish I had installed the patch ahead of time..It's currently at 2%. But the pictures make me drool :)

Ray Detrick said...

/sigh... I have toons spread over 3 realms and none of them are up yet...

Jake said...

I logged into my long since abandoned Alliance character to check this stuff out. It is pretty cool, now I just have to wait for my home server to start working properly so I can get myself a haircut... or some hair actually.

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