Friday, October 17, 2008

Game Stop Midnight, I'll be there!

I went to Game Stop today and pre-ordered my copy of WoTLK for Taint, Sad, and myself. I walked into the shop and they guy was like "What can I do for ya?"

I was like. "stutter...stutter.. wrath of the lchhhhh.. king pre-order" yeah. I was nervous because there were like 5 other people in this tiny store. I should really be over my awkward shyness by now.

He was like "NOT the collector's edition right?"

I was like "no.. mumble..just the normal.. I mean regular"

Then this other customer who was standing near the counter was like "So, you think the expansion is going to be good?"

I was like "I think so, um, yeah" and as I was saying yeah, he knocked down a rack of game cards but kind of caught them before they tumbled all over the counter. I was so embarrassed I didn't really finish my statement. He didn't say anything either and left the store.

Awkward! I suck at RL human interaction. This is probably why I only have like 2 RL friends.

Later, I asked the clerk if he asked me about the CE because he had some or that he wanted to make sure I wasn't asking for something they didn't have... cuz I was gonna be like, sign me up buddy! hehehe. But no, he was just verifying I didn't meant the CE because they were long gone just like I read about a few weeks ago.

Anyhow, I verified with the him that the store was gonna be open at Midnight. WOoooot! They shall be open for a midnight release and I'll be there...freaked out by all the people but I'll be there! The things I do for WoW. lol.


MIke said...

hehe. I know what you mean about being timid walking in to a gamestop. Most the time its prepubescent kids that think a console was the first game platform. When I ordered BC the clerk and I started talking about the expansion. It is a silly thing but even then trying to talk about my characters I nearly drew a blank.

"I play an alliance rogue, NO hunter." *sigh of frustration* :)

But, when you wait in line, you will not be the only nervous person. Many of us are closet WoW players. We don't want people to know that we play, but when we find someone in the RL that does, man can you go on for hours about the game.

When waiting for BC the ice started to break rather quickly. HEHE, you could then feel the Horde vs Alliance separation. But it is a BLAST!

Sadly this year I will be driving home from San Diego back to Northern California so I will miss the midnight event. My 16 year old daughter was crushed. She enjoyed going with me last time.

So. . do us a favor and take vids/pics whatever you can. And have a GREAT time!

manorton - and

Mercot said...

It would be interesting to see who shows up at the midnight WotLK release in my area.

I've got it on pre-order from Amazon, with release day delivery, but somehow that doesn't sound as cool as waiting in line with all the other closet WoW nerds (a term lovingly used) for a few hours.

And it'd actually be kind of surreal to talk about WoW with someone in person, now that I think about it. I'm pretty much the only WoW player I know in RL.

In my experience, when you're at a party or something and learn that someone else plays, it's almost like you have a silent agreement not to talk about it, lest you lose points with the non-gamers. WoW has a massive stigma in my circle of family and friends.

Alachia said...

yeah. I think I am still a sort of awkward closeted wow nerd. I feel like we either get pegged by the older crowd as lazy, geeky freaks who never learned how to get a life or by the younger console enthusiasts as totally nerdy mmorpg addicts who don't have twitch skills.

MIke said...

:) Well, as a life long gamer of the age 40, I can say my days of FPS, which is what I LOVED are sliding downhill. Shoot, I get a little shaky when I meet a horde in pvp out in the realm (Note, im on a RP or PvE server so its unusual)

But don't be emberrased. Use caution, but enjoy it. My wife is a "closet" wow player as well. One who is about to have her second 70. LOL.

MIke said...

Oh, I still own the Horde BTW. . Forgot to mention that. .:)

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