Friday, October 03, 2008

ZA Bear Run

We decided, obviously, pretty late to make real attempts at this. We started about 2 weeks ago with a half geared paladin tank. We decided it would be too difficult with a warrior/druid (not impossible but a lot harder). So we spent about two weeks grinding rep and farming badges to get the paladin geared for real runs.

In the meantime, we did practice runs. I was actually surprised how well we did on our first two attempts. The pally tank had never pally tanked before and I had never healed with a shammy in ZA before. On our third attempt, we got to the fourth boss with 1 minute to go. (you have about 45 mins to do 4 bosses)

So once we got our first real group together, we did all four bosses and lost the timer at one minute due to TWO accidental pulls.

Last Wednesday though, we made our second real attempt and downed the final timed boss with 2/3minutes to spare. WOHOO! So now JAE can finally say it did the bear mount run. Doing it with a prot pally is sooooooo much easier than with a warrior.

Of course, now they're going to give warrior unlimited-target thunder clap and deadly shield so I'm not seeing much a difference anymore in prot paladins and prot warriors. :/ Go figure. (wotlk stuff of course)

So now according to most forum posts, we have about four more attempts to get the bear mount before patch takes it out. I did it for the achievement (passed on the mount) but would have loved to get everyone the bear mount. Unfortunately we have run out of time. Don't leave everything to the last minute as my mom would say!

Our make up: Prot pally/Fear Tank/Resto Shammy/Holy Pally/ArcFrost Mage/2xBM Hunter/Combat Swords Rogue/Fury Warrior/Shadow Priest


Igoo said...

Gratz on the timed run. Once you get it once you should just keep shaving your time down. I <3 my bear, now if that damn razzashi raptor would drop. Just curious what boss order do you guys use?

Alachia said...

We do 1)eagle, 2)bear, 3)phoenix, 4)lynx.

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