Monday, October 13, 2008

Flipmax's Ball

So, is it just our crazy mage who does this or is this a standard for most raiding mages? You pretty much have to jump through the shat portal as soon as he opens it up or else you play spin the portal and never know where you're gonna land.

That pic is a portal of Shat, Stormwind, Ironforge, Theramore, and Dranassus. I took it and landed in Stormwind where there was a horde trying to gank lowbies. hehehee.


Ryan said...

I'm notorious for sending people to other places :)
The thing that I do the most often, is instead of opening a portal to whatever city, I accidentally teleport there. /fail Haha

celticlucas said...

As a mage, I find it great fun to mis-teleport. I only do it in the few occasions that someone invites me to a party and demands a portal. But I have teleported myself instead of opening a portal far too many times to count. The icons are almost identical!

Alachia said...

that's why you always say "check to see if my feet are glowing purple" cuz then you know you're safe.

Ryan said...

Oh wow, that's a great tip, thanks alachia :)

Ejji Happens said...

I remember this fun roulette! I got lucky and ended up in Dalaran ;p

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