Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Bank Girls

I really take pride in my two main bank alts. I like them to look super nice for some reason. I think it's because my other characters can't necessarily look that great due to racials and gear.

So when I saw this ring on the AH, I was like SWEET, must get it for my bank alt. Then I saw the level requirement. BOOO... but just so you guys know, you don't need to buy this stuff off the AH. It's available in Exodar or Silvermoon unlimited from vendors.

I was hoping there would be a level 5 ring but the closest is a level 10 [mood ring]. Yay for Griftah and his shady dealings...[Soap on a Rope] level 1 necklace FTW! Now if I could get him to sell me some knock-off level 1 rings...


Brian V. (aka Spurlock) said...

I think I saw those two girls on the streets of Pattaya. They said "helloooo hansum, we luv you"!

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