Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Luckiest Pally that Ever Ran Kara

Today was the start of our second week doing Karazhan. We seem to be getting faster. Last week, we finished up Prince on Thursday. We even did a one shot attempt at Netherspite to get people familiar with the fight. I thought we'd wipe out at the first phase but we lasted to 30% before he enraged. So last week, I finished off the week getting the [Legplates of the Innocent] from the Chess Event and [Stainless Cloak of the Pure Hearted] from Prince.

Tonight we ran Kara for 2.5 hours and got to Currator. I got [Libram of Souls Redeemed] from the Big Bad Wolf Opera Event and [Justicar Glove] from Currator! It's like this sign that I was meant to play pally!! CRAZY. I never ever would have though I'd get gear this fast. NEVER!!!

Normally, we would have stopped at Opera Event and stopped at 11pm. But I asked if people minded spending the extra 30 mins to clear to Currator. Normally, we'd probably knock out Currator, Shade of Aran, and Illhoof the next day. HOWEVER, tomorrow we are actually going to attempt Gruul's Lair as a guild!! So, we will probably only have Thursday to finish up Kara...that's why I wanted the extra push.

I'm quite excited about this Gruul's Lair attempt. The first time we did this as a guild, we were SEVERELY under-geared and under-manned. We were going in with only 20 people. It's been several months later now...and most of us are very geared and have had more experience raiding and instancing with our characters.

Unfortunately, our guild only has about 32 level 70 characters and only around 20-22 are active during the week at a time. Everyone is older and have "R"esponsibilities to tend to...etc so our schedules vary a lot.

but SOMEHOW, I was able to gather 25 people to sign up for Gruul's Lair. It took some begging and some schedule shifting but hopefully tomorrow night there will be 25 JAE heading into the cave!

I'm hoping it goes well so that people will be more encouraged to try 25 mans out in the future. I wish Blizzard would decrease the raid to about 15-20 which is perfect for a family sized guild. I know..hard core raiders would HATE that but it seems more realistic to me. Just looking at my server alone with less than half the raiding guilds even making it all the way through Serpentshrine Caverns and only one guild who has even stepped foot in Mt.Hyjal and Black Temple. I mean, doesn't that say something? Only 25 people in the entire server who have seen the instance?

Here's our line up for tomorrow!
1. Sibyll-Warrior-> Seer Priest (kill order1)
2. Sadin-Warrior-> Summoner Warlock Main (kill order2)
3. Boozefort-Warrior-> Summoner Warlock Felhounds (kill order2)
4. Runciter-Mage-> Krosh Mage (kill order3)
5. Rexfelis->Hunter-> Crazed Shaman (kill order4)
6. Blackfist->Hunter-> Crazed Shaman (kill order4)
7. Traxxas-Druid-> High King Maulgar Warrior (kill order5)

8. Alachia-Pally-> Sibyll (kill order1)
9. Gravin-Pally-> Sadin/Unknown (kill order2)
10. Theadin-Priest-> Sadin/Unknown (kill order2)
11. Fearar-Priest-> Runciter (kill order3)
12. Aiikea-Priest-> Runciter (kill order3)
13. Perhaps-Priest-> Rexfelis/Blackfist (kill order4)
14. Mahon-Priest-> Trax/Fear Ward (kill order5)
15. Felix-Pally-> Trax (kill order5)
16. Mathas-Pally-> Trax (kill order5)

17. Gatki-Lock-> Banish/Enslave Felhound 1st (every 2min)
18. Nublock-Lock-> Banish/Enslave Felhound 2nd (every 2min)
19. Nodden-Lock-> Banish Felhound if needed
20. Sang-Shaman->Tremor Totem on High King Maulgar 50% Enrage
21. Bril-Rogue
22. Hoodwinked (possible mage tank. need to compare HP)
23. Neusa (possible mage tank. need to compare HP)
24. Flipmax-Mage
25. Britnay-Warlock

Yeah, it's kind of crazy. We're like one of those rare guilds that has very few rogues and hunters. hahaha. Lots of tanks and healers though!

I plan on splitting the raid up into 3 parts tomorrow on vent (tanks, healers, dps)..and breaking down the fight to them separately including positioning etc. If I have time, I'll send the tanks a synopsis of what they need to do via in-game mail so they get more detail...same for the healers and warlocks.

If any Gruul veterans have pointers, I'd really appreciate it! We're bringing flasks, elixirs, and pots to help make this as best a done deal as possible...*cross fingers*


Matt Tan said...


And good luck.

I can sense the excitement...

Gonna record the fight a-la Nef?


Sean said...

Make sure you put two tanks on the warlock, he chain fears so its next to impossible to do with one.

Alachia said...

would it help to put fear ward on the tank?

Unknown said...

As a Holy Pally you should have imp Lay on Hands. If you don't it's a pretty good idea to spec for it. Around what you would expect to be the last grow you should be almost completely dead on Mana, with a pot handy. Cast your imp Lay on Hands on the main tank for the armor bonus and take the pot.

This is an annoyingly Mana intensive fight, kinda like Curator but I think worse. You should FoLing like crazy and really try and conserve mana. If you don't have it already get the Lower City Prayerbook and use it constantly in these fights...whenever the cooldown comes up. Remember you can Bubble yourself out of the snare effect of Shatter, it won't stop the effect but it will allow you to possibly run at your normal speed away from a group of people.

What's your spec btw?

Sean said...

Since we don't have a priest in the guild with fear ward I couldn't say, he death coils roughly every 10 seconds. You don't really need a super geared tank to tank him, basically you just need two high armor classes to stay 1st and second on his agro list. He doesn't hit hard, his dots tick me for about 800 dmg per which isn't hard to heal though.

Burn down the priest then kill the warlock, its the best thing to do. Use warlocks to enslave his pets and set them to attack him.

Alachia said...

I am 42/19/0. I do have LOH.
Thanks for the advice. I'll be most happy if we actually do get to the Gruul fight.

We have a lot of paladins so hopefully they will all be good on mana using FOL constantly. Felix and I are never mana hungry on Currator cuz we just spam flash on everyone.

Paladins kick ass.

I actually moved the tank positions around so that the Prot Warrior will main tank both fights.

I think if the warlocks do it right, the tank on the Summoner won't need to do much. but I put a dwarf priest on the Summoner Tank anyhow. I also have another dwarf priest on the main tank.

Dworfs. yaya!

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