Sunday, October 21, 2007

Quest for the Pumpkin Head Continues

DAY 2: More epic rings drop. No helm. :(

DAY 3: No WOW. Someone pissed me off.

DAY 4: Five more attempts at The Headless Horseman, no Hallowed Helm yet! But I got 3 Swift Flying Brooms! I sold all 3 in the trade channel for 30g. Pretty cool! I figured it's better to get the gold than to hang onto a cool item that only lasts 14 days. Sadin got [The Horseman's Helm] though. And a shaman in our guild got two rings, then switched to his druid and got two more rings. lol.

NO Hallowed Helm yet... :(

Also, I've been trick or treating at the Inn and no Tauren Mask yet!! So far, not much luck this halloween.


Moonknight said...

This is almost comical, our group ran HH something near 10 times last night and we can't seem to get the Horseman's Helmet for our Fury Warrior but the Hallowed Helm dropped at least 4 times!

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