Thursday, October 18, 2007

To the Cave!

(jae gnomes raid gruul's lair!) goggles ftw!

Not too bad! It took us about 3 real pull attempts until we finally got down High King Maulgar. It really is about the pull like they say. The rest is pretty easy. My job was definitely easy. I was main healer on the 1st tank who was on Seer, the Priest...then I moved to raid healing. I don't think I even cracked past 75% mana.

I thought it went quite smoothly and there was plenty of time for the guys to get their man on man homophobic banter on as well. hahaha. My personal favorite is the LFM guy on guy action, straight males only need apply....based off of something Boozefort found in an actual paper ad. heh.. well. the guild would get it.

Anyhow, I digress.

We had to figure out the trash pulls on the fly but once we did, things started to get smoother and we know for next time what to do on the final trash pull. There are two healers and a warrior mob all together. The warrior mob needs to be pulled far, far away from the healers because missing one stun on a heal is like starting from scratch.

Gruul himself. Our first attempt, we got him down to 49% with half the raid dead from the very first shatter. We only got 3 attempts in before we had to call the raid. We could only raid from 10pm to 12pm.

So not bad for our first go at it.. I had a lot of fun for sure. It was a super nice change for the guild I think and I love us being able to do something as a guild. We are often segmented into our own groups, you miss out on the cool-ness of the other peeps.

But yay on our first two guildies to get tier 4 shoulders! I'm uber proud. I hope we can try again next week but we shall see.

Thanks for the tips! Those really helped!

One more thing, is there any way to have the range dps use the wall crevices and columns to avoid being Groundslammed all over the place??


Unknown said...

Grats on your first succesfull entry into 25man raiding!

As for the ranged dps, its probably not even worth the bother. We never bothered about hiding places, its all about teh distance. I mean 2 mages on on either side of a pillar might still be too close to each other, I dont think its effected by LoS.

People need to learn to spread out, quickly. Mages can blink, Rogues can CoS, and Deadly Boss Mods provides a distance display. Everyone needs to be max zoomed out to see where they are going. With practise, its not hard to get a good spread.. just a matter of experience, and people paying attention. Someone callong out when the shock happens a few seconds before helps people to prepare too.

Igoo said...

Yes you can get behind pillars and in crevices and not get thrown by ground slam. Distance from others is the key but a hiding spot just makes it easier to know where you are and where you should go after the ground slam. My main is a hunter and in our grp we will have as many as 3-4 of us behind the same pillar and then just move to our spots before we get stoned. The key is starting to move as soon as the slam happens, there are usually still some people in the air as I move to my safe spot. It is not totally necessary but when you are first learning the fight it can be quite a big help to not have to try to pick a safe spot for shatter on the fly.

Unknown said...

Yeah....the Groundslam is annoying as hell and those are some good tips. The important part is not to get discouraged when half the raid wipes. In this fight more than most other Raids I've been in, it's just stupid luck. People get tossed into the MT, into healers and everyone doesn't scatter enough. You can try to start moving in mid-air and zoom the camera way out to plot the landing zone. Sometimes though...that's just the way the Gnomes Bounce.

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