Saturday, October 27, 2007

Kara complete

Happy to report that jae has finally completed Karazhan. Netherspite and Nightbane went down this week. Very interesting fight. Nothing like slaying a dragon to complete your week. I'm surprised at how much I have enjoyed going back and doing casual pve raiding.

However, I think I will take a break this week from raiding.... I have to concentrate on Halloween!! The sacred ritual of spreading the joy of candy!! wohoo!


Lance said...


Now is a GREAT time for that break you were planning eh?


Lanzet (Lance)

Gravin said...

Nicely done Kara3! :D

wowcast said...

hahaha..we'll be kara 3 when you guys pronounce yourselves kara 1.

Gravin said...

hehe, well whatever you call yourselves it was a good to see jae finally finish off kara. :D

Kara2 hopes that we can soon follow in your footsteps!

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