Friday, October 05, 2007

I leveled, I dinged, I passed out

(how I imagined my DING Level 70 party)

As predicted, I hit 70 last Thursday. It's weird. When I put my mind to something, I usually can't stop until I finish. People seem to think I really love to level characters but the truth is I hate it. I hate the constant grind WoW makes you do when all you want to do is try out another class. However, I tell people that you're simply mistaking being good with enjoying.

I got good at leveling somehow along the way. Part of it is instinct from past experience and the part is knowing how to utilize the resources to benefit the instinct. NEVER guess on what you're doing, you could waste up to a whole hour. Just take the 5 minutes to plan out your route and the exact needs of your quests...then hit the road. It's worth it. This is for efficiency purposes only...everyone should play the game how they want to...even if its wondering around the world of Azeroth for hours on end :D

I have to thank a couple of people though that really helped me out big time...Sadin who helped run me through a couple of the instances I couldn't tackle myself. Flipmax's warlock and Felix's mage and warrior alts who road the pain train with me for a few levels. And finally Felix's druid who hooked up with me at level 63. Together his feral druid and my paladin were like their own raid group. I must say it is an amazing thing to be able to carry with you a main healer and a main tank. You're pretty much set with that combo. Pugging was easy and all the quests were a cinch.

(the set up shot was ready)

So...back to the day I hit 70... I was all ready for it. I knew it was going to happen. I was just smidgens away from hitting 70 when Felix had to go to I thought I'd just grind out the few thousand XP on mobs in Terokkar forest. Sadin had just returned from a business trip and was enthralled with all the Brewfest festivities. He was determined to win the Ram race. So after a few minutes, he says he has some hat to show me. I'm like cool, yeah, I'd like to see it.

In the meantime, I was getting ready to screen shot my ding. I kept positioning my camera and hitting the screenshot button right before the mob died. I did my final calculations and was like..okay..this is it for sure, I only have 800 more xp to go, this mob will do it.

Just as I'm about to kill the mob, Sadin flies in on his bird, charges the spider and bam, my XP is cut in half. I was like NOOOO! hahahaha. But then I saw the Brewfest hat he was wearing and started cracking up. Just then he hit another mob, practically one shot it and bam...I DINGED. I was still laughing but was like "you a-hole! you made me miss my screenshot! You distracted me with your stupid hat!"

(got my wings)

hahaha... so yeah.. that's how I dinged 70. It wasn't part of my ideal plan but it was bloody memorable. LOL. Soon, after, I got my flying mount and finished the Kara attunement quests. I also was able to do Slave Pen heroics to get my one primal nether to finally craft my [Justicebringer 2000]. Woohoo.. My gear isn't so bad atm. My healing bonus is 1287 and I'm blues and I'm keeping up.

My hope is start another kara group in my guild. For more than anything, I have found through leveling again, I kind of want to return to the social aspect of the game. And our guild is so segmeneted, I thought it'd be nice to have something as a guild to do. We sometimes do JAE preform Bgs but it's sporatic and usually on the weekends. There is another group in our guild that does Kara every week. I really admire their comradre and attitude.

I was able to form a spotty Kara group on Saturday with about four pugs and the rest JAE. WOW. those pugs were bad. The hunters did 25% of the mage dmg. The warlock did 25% of that.. However, we were able to down Huntsman and Maiden. We got Moroes down to 1%...No priests suck on Moroes due to the lack of cc on the adds. I have yet to see a hunter succesfully keep the adds cc'd during that fight. Anyhow, it was fun being a pally for once in Kara. Stoneform FTW. I knew I rolled an ugly dwarf for a reason!

Today is going to be our first full JAE run at Kara in a long time. It's partial new alts and partial mains. I'm just happy there won't be any pugs.

(Money Shot: the day I turned 70, I hit one protects the healers in PUG Bgs..I found myself dead a lot..but still on top of the healing meters :D sad...I know. Alliance suck)


Kitch said...

Gratz on your level 70 pally.

It is a shame you didn't have the LevelSnap mod - takes a screenshot the instant you ding. Maybe for your shaman ;)


Lance said...

gratz Alacia!!

No gnome party....but one blue troll did her special dance for you.

I'm glad your friend was with you for the event. I know that made it even better. (or at least funnier)

Have a great one....

Lanzet (was Lancet...I had to change her name due to a server transfer name conflict)

and Lance....IRL

(and yes...I'm still playing...)

PS - I know I owe you a postcard....but I want it to be special...still lookin.

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