Thursday, October 04, 2007

Coming of Age

I am 99.99% sure I will hit level 70 tomorrow on my paladin!!! I'm very exited. Any one who hits around 68 and doesn't head to Netherstorm is missing out on some of the fastest XP evarrr!! I've done this roughly four times now and I will have to say that after you hit 67, it's a home run.

You just go to Netherstorm Area 52 and pick up [The Archmage's Staff] quest line. From there, you do two quick quests to make the staff and in the meantime you knock out [Consortium Crystal Collection], [Mark V is Alive] (hehehe Johnny 5 is Alive!), and [You're Fired]....

Then you head to Kirin'Var Village in Netherstorm and BOOOOM roughly 30 quests you knock out pretty much in succession and all in the same area!

And then if you need more after all that, you head to both the Eco Dome and the Stormspire...which are domed areas with a ton of quests in close vicinity again..can't stress enough having quests in close proximity to limit time not gaining xp.

Anyhow, I'm super excited! I feel like I should throw a Ding 70 party. hahahah.
Finally, Alachia has her 70 paladin...and no more excuses as to putting off the podcast which has been sitting on her comp ready to be edited for almost a month and a half. :(

Maybe I should get the White Gryphon this time?? ..since I'm all Holy. heh. Meh. Non epic flyers are a pain anyhow. But I know I'll need one to get up to Arcatraz. So'well.... woot!!! This is my LAST toon.. I sware.. no more!


Brian V. (aka Spurlock) said...

Congrats on the awesome progress. Thanks for the tip on 67 and up. I'm sitting at 63 on my shiny new warlock (my only post-30 non-rogue), and I'll take your advice.

A white griffon. *cough* *cough* After you do that, I suppose you level a horde shammy on an rp server! :D

Unknown said...

WoW that was fast. Grats
I dont know how people can work full time and level so quickly ><

Unknown said...

Well done on the levelling. Last toon ever huh? I don't think so... I bet you roll a Death Knight at least :P With the levelling XP being changed next patch I will get a bit closer to my goal of having one of every class available to Dwarves. I will also try to level up my Gnome Warlock too even though he is my bank alt right now I can use my spare hunter for that :P

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