Thursday, October 25, 2007

Friend or Foe

You ever have one of those really crappy weeks in wow...where you get so angry you think you should just walk away?? like..maybe I should just watch syndicated re-runs every night or maybe I should take up gardening and spend my weekend knee-deep in cow dung? hahaha.

yeah, I'm definitely having one of those weeks. It's so weird too because everything was seemingly going pretty well. I thought I was finally cracking out of my shell and learning to socialize and not be so anti-social and exclusive.

But people have a funny way of disappointing you...and maybe as a person I have too high expectations... like consideration, respect, courtesy..but maybe those terms don't exist in today's society.

I can't get into details of course because I can't start shit in my own guild. But for example... Let's say Carl has a 5v5 team. After season one, he makes room for a friend of his to join the team. People have to shift characters and talent specs to make this work but it's done. Everyone seems happy. But Carl's friend Nicky has night classes and can't play most days of the week...especially during optimum times for the group. But the team works around it. The team does well almost even breaking the 2k rating. However, due to more night classes and other priorities, the team doesn't practice as much. They drop in rating from only playing 10 games per week and serious lack of communication. Last week, Carl finds out that Nicky ups and leaves the team to join another 5v5 team without telling anyone. Not even the courtesy of giving the team warning or caring about what situation it leaves the team in. Carl isn't so much stressed about the lack of a can be remedied..that's not the point. Carl is pissed because he thought Nicky was a friend and that there was mutual loyalty and trust. But f-that.

And that's just 1/10th of what happened this week. >:(


Unknown said...

Should give WoW a break. You been playing it for too long. There are other great games out there so maybe you should try them out.


Anonymous said...

A game should not stress you! Take a break play some single player games for a bit.

Not saying give up WoW but cut back on your time for a bit until logging in is fun again.

I have to do it from time to time. Right now my guild is "shaking things up". I'm playing Knights of the Old Republic a couple hours a night just to get out of WoW for a bit.

Matt Tan said...

What a prick. Least he could have done was mention it to someone.

That's just plain rude. Nevermind you guys scheduling things around him, that's what friends do.

I know people like that IRL and they know without a sliver of doubt why I dislike their company.

Unknown said...

Don't you wish people like us were smart enough to have guilds with good people in them who are courteous and play the game without being a retard. I'm about to leave my server to join "The Pod People" or some guild like that so that I don't have to deal with people like the guy you're talking about. It's just pointless.

Alachia said...

i've come to the same conclusion myself. i do need a break. but not only that, I need to play the game differently.

truth is, you can't be friends with everyone and much like my musings from before, I'm pretty convinced it's extremely hard to find true and valid connections later in life.

people come with too much baggage and we're all damaged. :P

not sure what I'll's sort of sad when you get over-exposed to people all the time..even if they are avatars. it makes coming out of that seem pretty lonely. one minute, you're surrounded by tons of get up from your comp and it's just you and your desk.

"hello? mr. lamp shade, wanna go do some quests? maybe re-org the bookshelf? takers? wut about you mr."


Soja Bird said...


it's really unplessant if something like this happens to you.

im in a break right now, couse i just didnt enjoy the game anymore as much as i did. i just realised what i did in the game, just run around a bit and hit some mobs with some spells and melee...pretty dumb if you look to it that way. i start playing an other game and i actualy changed my playstile in that one to, from slow to fastplay...pretty funny
i think i can handle wow again but ill be playing it differently, perhaps also fast play, couse all my friends are like powerlvling just by them selfs...but i just dont get it how they do it :D

however, just take some rest, play some other games or go nitching ;)

grezz, SojaBird

Unknown said...

I don't agree with the later in life baggage thing. You choose to hold on to things, there are people that are able to learn from things without holding it against people or blaming others for their problems.

I take this too far though and actually have come to a point where I can't hold a grudge. If I'm mad at someone all they have to do is wait 5 mins...I'll completely forget and stop caring about whatever it was I was mad about. People get really confused by it, I like to think of it as if I'm 6 years old and I'm on the playground just having fun. If you steal my toy I'm playing with...I'll forget and we'll get along fine later on. :D

Unknown said...

That sucks. Pick up a copy of The Orange Box and give Team Fortress 2 a go - it is awesome FPS fun. Portal (that comes in the Orange Box) is also a nice diversion.

If you need a nice WoW diversion you are always welcome in Alea Iacta Est on Earthen Ring. The guild changed my WoW life for life. Yea its Horde and RP but maybe that will do some good.

Lance said...

I guess from my other private emails to saw I had gone through a lot of frustration playing.

I did take a break and I have to say that it was helpful. When I started to think about playing again, I was able to be more realistic about what I enjoyed about the game and what seemed to be a soul drain (pun intended).

I now run BGs....fool around a bit in a low rated arena teams with my coworkers once a week (just for points). Farm a little for relaxation. I'm done with guilds and all the begging, drama, and frustrations they bring. And that's it. Now, it's just a game for me and it seems to be a better balance.

Maybe a break...and a diversion will help. (as the poster above said, the Orange Box is a cool package and I keep hearing that Portal is a surprisingly fun game)

Mercot said...

Sorry to hear about all that $#!*.
Definitely give TF2 a whirl for a while. And Portal! Your gun will be your new friend. And there will be cake.
Or...go try Horde!
Good luck with whatever you end up doing...everyone needs a break a couple of times a year :)

Unknown said...

Don't listen to mercot - the cake is a lie!

Mercot said...

Obviously, Kitch is deluded.

All those who do good science will be rewarded with cake. It is delicious and pleasantly non-lethal.

Unknown said...

Hmm, I think that you should take a short break but nothing huge. WoW isn't a substitute for real life and even in the metaverse we will always have to come across jerks. Otherwise you may aswell play console games.

But getting things into perspective; yes you have to deal with one or 2 jerks but how many people are on your sever? I think the jerks are in the minority myself.

It's hard to reconsider how you play the game especially if you have been successful at end game stuff before. You always think that that content is there for you to do. I stopped the 25 man stuff but I am progressing in Karazan and now I am thinking I want to try 25 man stuff for the loot, not SSC or TK but Gruul and Mag.

I don't think it's possible or healthy to cut yourself off from people. As much as someone else pisses you off you do have the right to say "screw you" and throw your rattle out of the pram. So long as you don't do it all the time people will forgive you and respect you for sticking up for yourself.

For me social interaction is about boundaries and sometimes you have to remind people where those boundaries are.

And besides we need to have "hot chicks who play WoW" :P

Sean said...

You should leave your server and go with Starman. It sounds like Boulderfist is full of assholes like the one you described.

Move over your paly or roll a new toon, change its name. Get a clean slate, leave all the drama behind.

Alachia said...

it's not that i can't deal with jerks. trust me, i find my ways to ignore them and not be around them. it's the sudden and abrupt realization that people who you thought were legitimately your friends...probably aren't. that's what hurts and makes me withdraw back into a reclusive state.

i've pretty much lost all my friends in the game due to one reason or another...not saying some of them weren't my fault...just a fact. period. and when you find yourself alone in a game where you used to be surrounded with really close friends... blows.

i bought quake wars enemy territory this month but haven't opened it. i was actually thinking of trading it in for the orange box. maybe this week has been a sign.

Unknown said...

I was kind of surprised when my friend from another server (who reads your blog from time to time) told me that you had made an entry which was in all likelyhood about me. I have to say that it really bothered me that you have this point of view of how things played out. I see it completely differently.

I'm not sure if "Carl" refers to yourself or Sad, but your first point of "making room" is not what I remember. In fact what I remember happening is that Sad had said multiple times that I should transfer to your server and join JAE. Around the time I was transfering I had a choice to go back to Mug'thol (one of the most competitive servers across all battlegroups) and hook up with my friends in Bedlam who had asked me multiple times to come back and join their 2000+ teams (see and for some references), or I could join my coworker's team (which incidentally was only 1600 at the time I transfered) but play with an older group of players closer to my age whom I could hopefully make friends with and because I respect and like Sad very much. I chose the latter. At the time I was deciding to transfer, Sad had told me that your 5v5 team had two players drop out. This left room for two new players. I don't remember him saying anything about having to make room or move other players out. If they did, can you please tell me whom you moved out to make room for me and my wife?

As for changing around talent specs, as far as I can remember you were shadow spec quite a while before I ever transfered and changing specs for us on any other player wouldn't make sense. Exactly who changed specs to make room for us?

I work, Sad works....neither of us can play till after 7:30 to 8:00 p.m. It is true however that me and my wife cannot play until after 9 p.m. and have to stop around 12. However we could play almost any night of the week as long as we weren't out of town. We also worked around multiple people's schedules, and not just my wife's and mine. No one seemed to have a problem with playing between 9 to midnight.

Now the reason you present for the team's drop in rating is what bothers me the most. You seem to have completely left out how you brought in your paladin alt which was geared with primarily non-pvp, specifically a set which has somewhere around 100 resilience? Not only did you bring in your alt, but you didn't even bother to ask me or my wife if it would be ok or if we had a problem with it. If you expect consideration, respect, and courtesy then you are going to have to give people the same and honestly I don't think bringing an undergeared pvp alt where you have little experience playing it (and it clearly showed) had any of the qualities you mentioned. Bringing in your alt dropped us 3 games straight, completely destroyed the teams morale, and the remainder of our games we had to struggle to make up for this.

On Tuesday a 1950ish 5v5 team offered me to try out, which I decided to do. At the time I didn't think it was necessary to tell anyone since people are moved off of teams all the time in guild without anyone saying anything (such as when you moved Sad off our 3v3 without saying anything to me) Also if Sad was online I would have told him what I was doing, but he suddenly had to go out of town. Now in retrospect I do think I should have said something to you and I apologize for that. After Tuesday I think I can't even remember seeing you online. Anyway doing things without telling or asking people is fucked up and two wrongs never make a right. With my perspective I hope you will look back on things and maybe come to a slightly different conclusion. I don't carry grudges, especially things that happen in a game that is designed to make junkies out of everyone. What matters to me is what people do outside of the game and so if you guys still want to be friends we will always be here.

Unknown said...

"it's not that i can't deal with jerks. trust me"

True. She still likes me. ;-P

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