Thursday, October 18, 2007

Healer Box

(my world is a few boxes but I see way more than squares)

For some reason, people keep asking me, how can you like playing a healer? Don't you get really bored? Isn't it boring? Aren't you just spamming one button?

First, this is my fourth 70 character so if I do get bored, it's not like I don't have it's no real tragedy. Second, at the moment, no, healing is not boring at all. Yes, I do tend to spam a certain FOL (flash of light) button over and over again alot but it's not the only thing I got up my sleeve! hahaha

Healers not only have to heal, they have to calculate other incoming heals, try to prevent over healing to conserve mana, but never underheal so that people die during spikes. There are a lot of emergency triggers as well all healers have to be on the ball for... ie.. power word shield, mending, nature swiftness, blessing of protection, fear, shackle, purge, dispel, etc. And all that supplemental stuff must be done in between a steady stream of heals.

The average pull...yeah, probably easy enough blindfolded...but what separates a good healer from a bad healer is their ability to recover from a not-so-average pull.

For me, I get excited whenever we get through an entire event without wiping or if no one dies at all during a fight. The healers are the bottom line. If that bottom line drops out...everyone else can't do their job right.

Rogue, Mage, Shadow priest....the same as a healer in my opinion in terms of "excitement".... you have your usual dps cycle you spam...and then you have your supplemental spells you have to use at a moments notice when things go bad or the battle one ups you. I'm told by all the tanks, it's the same way. Spam the same buttons over and over again until someone pulls agro over you, then you slam the few other keys.

It's all about perspective I suppose. Do you get more of a high from seeing damage output or healing output.


Moonknight said...

Is this a mod Alachia? I have recently made the conversion from being only a Rogue to my new main a Dreamstate Druid so I do have interest in methods you use to make the best use out of your mana. I found it interesting when you mentioned that you didn't drop below 75% mana during Mulgar.

I am really enjoying the challenge of healing but find myself missing being in the middle of a scrap.

Alachia said...

The mod is called GRID.

JAE has some pretty bad ass healers in the guild. They're all people who have totally mastered the art of healing and almost all of them have around +1600-+1800 healing.

So the fact that I didn't drop below 75% mana just means that everyone else did their job perfectly so all I had to do was heal the first tank and then spot heal the rest of the raid..which was hardly anything.

I also pop divine illumination (cuts spell mana in half) and my trinkets early which allow me to pump out a lot of heals for virtually very little mana.

Also realize that pallys have a passive ability called
Spiritual Attunement: A passive ability that gives the Paladin mana when healed by other friendly targets' spells. The amount of mana gained is equal to 10% of the amount healed.
and cuz I spec'd Holy with 5/5 in Illumination, I get 60% of the cost of my healing spell back every time I crit with Flash of Light, Holy Light, or Holy Shock.

Druid healing is challenging from what I've terms of being a main healer. It's still do-able but it's certainly a lot tougher without many of the emergency tabs priest and paladins have.

However, as secondary healers, they kick ass.. lifebloom, innervate, Swiftmend, NS...
it basically means, no one ever drops below 10% in the party. It's awesome.

I love having a resto druid in the party a lot.

As for main healing, you'll probably end up having to down rank quite a bit so you don't have to constantly step off. Stop casting macros also help to up your HPS.

Resto druid challenges are usually in avoiding the overheals and wasting copious amounts of mana on a 3 second cast!

Moonknight said...

Let me get back with you on this subject once my Druid is better geared. One of the main reasons why I went Dreamstate is that the talents allow you to be a decent healer while still undergeared.

Check him out, his name is Cyberius on Sisters of Elune. My goal is to get closer to our GL, Serraph. She kicks ass as our primary healer and I am learning a lot from her.

Unknown said...

I've noticed that since Burning Crusade came out, healing has gotten a lot more competitive as well as DPS. I used to play a Rogue and we wanted all the best gear from NEF just so we could PVP better. And healers were just kinda doing their thing. Now DPS is really more important, you have to get bosses down faster than ever, it's a really big deal. And in the healing realm, I've seen healers now a days comparing stats with eachother and running heal indicators and trying their best to get #1. It's honestly hilarious.

To me the most exciting class I've played is Druid. Because you can do all of those things, and in certain raids I HAVE done all of them. Plus we have the only in Combat Rez (which is going down to 20min CD next Patch). So I'll be offtanking and then trade aggro with a Warrior to go rez a healer. Druid to me, obviously way more to do and it can change on any given day.

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