Thursday, July 10, 2008

Case of the Missing Badges

Mystery solved. I kept wondering about my 105 badges or so that got stolen when I was haxed. It was the only thing that I lost completely from that night. When I discovered them missing I kept having a hunch that the hacker wanted to use my badge to buy epic gems.

However, I pushed the person off my account as they were flying my character in the middle of Shat. Then it hit me last week that they probably bought something from the vender in shat with my badges, not the Isle.

So I went back to the screenshot I took the night I got hacked. I wanted to keep a record of everything they took. However, I also, took the screenshot AFTER I had put everything back.

Sure enough, the person withdrew 3 nether vortexes out of the guild bank and I deposited 10 back. 15badges x 7 Nether Vortexes = 105 badges. Rat bastard!

What I'm going to do with 7 Nether Vortexes, I dunno. ;\


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