Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Skull F This

Hmm. I woke up this morning even more upset about last night's raid.

"WTF is wrong with you guys. Are you NOT listening?!!!! SERIOUSLY, you guys
need to wake the F up!!! Are you trying to wipe us on purpose?!!! For F*ck's sake! YOU GUYS are NOT paying attention! We're going to quit if you guys can't get your SH*T together! There is about to be some serious SKULL F*ing if you guys don't get your head out of your *sses!!!"

Okay. So if that's what you heard on a NORMAL basis in a think you'd be motivated to keep going, get better?

Some people, maybe the answer is yes.

For my guild. No way. We're all adults. Law degrees, graduate degrees, engineering, medical degrees. We see that form of talk as just immature and nothing more than rantings of someone with little degree of self awareness.

It used to be moderate and always half joking. Lately, it's just been pure rage, frustration, and negativity coming from him.

I'm having a hard time co-leading anymore because he goes into angry mode so quickly now. I try to counter as much as I can by just pushing the raid through with what we need to do and try push forward. But when someone is constantly yelling in the background, the negativity of the entire raid just gets worse and worse.

I'm at a loss. ;( I keep racking my brain as to how to fix this.

Our raid make up last night consisted of 5 healers. Only FIVE healers for Mt. Hyjal!!! And he kept telling me that we weren't gonna make it because our DPS was too low even though it was actually the highest it's been in weeks. Also, that it was impossible to do without a prot pally.

We one shot this boss the first time we ever attempted him. It's just distressing finding myself in this sinkhole. I have to find a way to get this crap in check.


Moonknight said...


This is a difficult subject to give advice on since it is hard for one person to try and offer a suggestion that will affect so many without even knowing them.

If I were on your server, I would imagine a guild like jae would appeal to me due to how you have described its membership. Knowing that I have to say that when adults are subject to childish behavior there has to be a point where you draw the line and end a bad relationship. I play WoW for the fun, I play WoW for the experience, I play WoW for the excitement. I however refuse to play WoW being subjected to the equivalent of a 2 year old's temper tantrum. It sounds to me that you have a decision to make to decide if the ends are justifying the means.

As an outsider I think that with a pending expansion and everything that goes with it, there is no reason to continue in a disasterous relationship with this other guild. No amount of loot is worth losing good people over.

casetel said...

Sigh, sounds like a rough gig. Something I learnt dealing with ppl is you can only meet someone half way, it sounds like you have done that and more.

I am sorry to say but IMHO you have to let it go. Better to walk away with your friends now and potentially pick up at a later date with new peeps time and motivation willing...

best of luck! =)

Lonewolf said...

Ugh. Would you put up with this abuse in RL? So why put up with it in your gaming and recreation time.

I raided recently, by invite, with a guild that had a similar attitude, althought not nearly as bad. After the raid, I sent an in-game mail message to the raid leader that I would no longer be participating in their guild raids.

Both the raid leader and guild leader contacted me personally and apologized for this particular leaders behavior (not the main raid leader) and offered to move me to another team.

The difference was dramatic, and I really appreciated the effort, maturity, and understanding displayed by the guild leaders.

I have now raided with this guild for many weeks and am very happy to join them and believe my contribution to their raids helps and is appreciated.

There is certainly better out there, you just have to have the patience to find the good people.


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