Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Thanks for the gear!

I'm sure I'm not the only one whose guild has this common problem. A few people who think the entire purpose of the guild is to help gear their character(S!!!) up.

And I'm not even saying that I have a problem with gearing multiple people's toons up at all. I don't mind. My issue comes with their attitude about getting the gear. Once they get the gear they want, they are long gone. You will never see them turn around and actually USE the gear to help others run the instance or raid.

It's like somewhere in their jacked up rule book it says, "Get gear, shelve toon"

Never mind to actually think that loot should be gotten in order to help make each run easier and easier. Instead I've seen it countless of times, a quick couple runs through kara or gruul while being COMPLETELY carried, grab the loot they need, and then never be heard from again. Not to mention taking advantage of the people who actually put the instances on farm.

I am really looking forward to the WotLK. 10 man instances all the way! No more opportunities to get used like the dumb sap I am right now.


snape said...

This behavior is becoming more & more common as new people join the WoW community. I've noticed that people who didn't raid pre-BC expect loot/gear to drop and given to them almost on a weekly basis. They never had to go through the 40 man MC type raids like us old-school raiders, who maybe got loot once every few months, and fainted in excitement when we did. WOTLK will just extend this symptom as all new 25 man raids will have 10 man versions, which means the assumption of epic loots even more often.

Oh by the way, can you run my druid through Kara and Gruuls a few times? She needs some purple icons. :p

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