Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kaz'rogal down!

Things are definitely going better this week. I still have my irks of course. It's not all cake but things are far more controlled and pleasant. Tonight we only had 6 healers so we opted not to attempt Vashj. However, our dps was amazing so we went to attempt Kaz'rogal, the third boss in Mt. Hjal.

After our third attempt, we downed him. By the end of the fight, we had one rogue left alive but a kill nonetheless. :) None of the jae guys got loot off of him. It's nice when your badge gear surpasses Mt. Hyjal loot.

[Belt of Seething Fury]
[Black Featherlight Boots]


snape said...

Hey, super grats!

Your dual-guild efforts have surpassed our single guild raiding status! :)

Much props to the teamwork and cooperation between you and the other GM, and ultimately between the members.

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