Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Don Carlos Club

Last night after the raid, I saw this horde with this awesome hat on. [Don Carlos' Famous Hat]
which not only looks totally awesome but summons a ghost wolf pet. I read on wowhead that it's a 100% drop rate and that you can reset the instance since you didn't kill a boss.

It's a guy named Don Carlos who roams around the roads in Durnholde. You have to run it in Heroic Mode for the hat to drop.

So Felix tanked the guy for me on his druid and I healed and dps'd. We were able to do him 2 man fairly easy. I just kept his wolf pet slept the entire time. After that, I ran another few times with more guildies to get them hats as well.

Then we went to the World Tavern's Inn and knocked a few Dos Equis back. LoL. J/K but we were laughing so hard we might as well have been.

Anyhow, this hat is the sh*t!


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