Saturday, July 12, 2008

Leet or Gimp?

If you're a freak about gaming, you generally tend to want to always find ways to give yourself an edge. A lot of use mods and hot keys to help boost our gameplay. In FPS, it's common belief that the mouse and mouse pad can make the difference between a frag and pwnage.

One of the largest snags I've found in WoW about gameplay is having easy access to as many hotkeys and bound macros as I can stand. If at all possible you can bind everything to 10 keys, you make your wow life that much simpler. A lot of people even use gui mods to further simplify access to their essential keys. Even though I use an ergonomic keyboard, I still find it difficult playing certain classes to have everything ideally accessible.

I'm currently looking at the Zboard Merc Stealth Illuminated Gaming Keyboard. However, I'm very hesitant to move towards non-standard methods of gaming. One of the main reasons I refuse to use anymore gui mods in WoW is that I became dependent on their structure. And when a patch killed the mod or when the mod became obsolete, I'd have to reconfigure everything again.

Also, from peer to peer computer, it's easy to adjust if you're not dependent on certain interfaces. However, that's easily solved by always carrying a usb keychain of your WTF and Interface folder.

Do I want to become dependent on a certain type of keyboard? It would definitely be gimping myself if I ever had to stop using it. Muscle memory is pretty key in playing Arenas for sure.


Lonewolf said...

I've been using a Belkin n52 since my everquest days and recently upgraded to the n52te (tournament edition).

Makes a huge difference in my gameplay (response time) and is simply a joy to use. I never have to look away from the screen and know exactly what hotkeys I'm using at any given time.

The nice thing about the n52te, aside from the much improved key response over the n52, is that you can download your key layout directly to the keypad. So, as you mention, you don't have to install specific drivers on any computer you plug it in to.

Really nice device that you use with any computer and it's small enough to pack in with my notebook for days when I'm away from my gaming rig.

Check it out before you go with this keyboard.

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