Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Haliscan Set

[Haliscan Jacket]
[Haliscan Pantaloons]

Found the patterns for the rest of the set!! You can buy the pants and chess piece tailoring patterns in Steemwheedle Port.

Charro set complete. It is AWESOME!


Blodwin said...

I think it's awesome how these simple additions gave you so much FUN in game.

Considering raiding; do you get a nice pece of loot and then go to the tavern and dance? I doubt it but these 'RP'(novelty) items do provide a heck of a lot of fun.

I got my mini Tyrael pet on my Paladin yesterday and I was back to being in love with the game. Then I went and saw the first 3 bosses in the Black Temple whith my main who is a hunter. While they are routine for my guild's raiders were all new to me. I was the only hunter there too so I was MDing which is pretty intense involvement for a first trip. Great Days!

It's amazing to me how these minor changes reinvigorate the game, and now they are building the stormwind harbour the excitement is beginning to build.

snape said...

This is awesome! I just went with guildies yesterday to get the hat too, and will get the patterns today. :)

Dasher said...

You've missed one piece; the Dress Shoes. I think they are sold at that place in Eastern Tanaris (I forgot the name of the place).

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