Monday, July 21, 2008

Fat Lady Sings


Hell has frozen over, I have a level 70 shaman!
I'm completely clueless as to whether she'll be resto or elemental in the future.
My guess is resto because healers are 100% needed. :(
It was fun leveling her with elemental spec though. PEW PEW!

5 days, 4 hours, 18 minutes, 46 seconds


Anonymous said...

Don't go restro. Shamans are so much more fun to play as an Elemental. Drops totems and help out the DPS is so much better then being a heal bot. Druids and Priests are the healers.

NerdNinjaMan said...

Seeing your /played made me laugh. Not at you, but at an advertisement I had just seen. It was trying to sell a guide that said "Fastest 1-70 /played time in the WORLD 6 days 5 hours and 8 minutes!"

Anyways, congrats on your ding!

Dustin said...

JEEZ How'd you level that fast, did your static party help you? Resto Shammy is pretty cool, they're some of the best PVE and PVP healers. PVE because Chain heal scales better than like anything. Look at the best PVE guilds, in Sunwell they used as many as 5 shamans. At least one of those were Enhancement, so that could be a lot of fun too. Go DPS, quit your silly healing, have fun with the big numbers.

wowcast said...

part of it was with my static party, and the other part was me having memorized every quest in outlands. it's my sixth level 70.

I'm pretty anal about being efficient too. I have that map of all the quests from way back when I posted here.

I used it to make sure I'm only going in the a certain direction once so there are no overlaps and wasted time traveling from quest to quest giver.

I try to knock out as many quests per outing as possible.

I'm wondering if there's a hybrid build I could go for instead since I'll mostly just be pvping with her until I get her gear.

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