Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Gloves came off

Well things finally came to a head today. I knew it was either make or break.
So I had a full on talk with the GM of cykos. On a personal level, he and I have always been friends. But I had to lay it out for him today.

I had already given him one talk about his abrasive manner and attitude. But I kind of skirted around how much it effects us.

He and I had a pretty long talk tonight and I said "I have no real delicate way of saying this..."

and went into the negativity and harmful effects his attitude has on the raid. Because honestly, I know we can do this fine if we can just get the guilds back on track. And the only way to motivate people after this past horrible week is to make a REAL change. I spent a good ten minutes going into how our guild is simply pulling away from their guild because they simply can't handle his attitude.

The yelling, screaming, etc has to stop. And after I spit it all out, he seemed to understand. Of course at first he was taken aback by the onslaught. His entire background in life has been military where screaming and yelling is standard. It will be difficult no doubt for him to make a character change, to truly change. But after we spoke, he seemed like he wanted to really try. He wants to make this work as much as I do.

I told him I can't make my guys want to raid but you can help me make our experiences better. The style he's been trying hasn't been productive and it's obvious. I pointed these things out to him.

He says he's going to make a change. I think the next week will tell. If he can just stay more self-aware, things will improve. Everything you do and say as a raid leader has a huge impact on the rest of the guild. If you're angry or upset, it really effects how everyone else feels.

And with our guys, the loot and seeing content isn't worth spending two days suffering per week. So yelling and screaming has the adverse effect that he's intending it...

We shall see. I'm hoping for the best.


NerdNinjaMan said...

Glad you finally laid it all out for him. Good luck with it!

Blodwin said...

Good luck with the raiding but after seeing your posts I think you need to look at this very carefully. I hope it works out for you but you sound like you and your guild are really tired of this guy. Also while I believe some people can change I also know that people do often default to basic behaviour patterns, especially on line. Hope it all works out.

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