Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tankadin Guidelines

Mostly for reference. This is a really great guideline for Protection Paldadins.

Basic guidelines

* Your most basic tanking rotation will generally be Holy Shield > Consecration > Judgement > Holy Shield > etc.; note that there is a period in which you're not really doing much after Judging, this is a good time to use any extra abilities if applicable. That includes using Avenger's Shield or Hammer of Wrath on a boss that allows for it, as well as obviously using Exorcism if your target is undead or a demon.

* Always try to figure out a position that you can use Consecration. Not disturbing crowd control is even more important, but nine times out of ten you can find a spot where you can use Consecration without having to worry about accidentally breaking crowd control. Consecration is responsible for a very large amount of your threat, easily 25% or thereabouts, so dropping it is usually the least preferable option.


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