Wednesday, December 17, 2008


So I was out in Hillsbrad Foothills to complete the Winterviel quest in Alterac Valley and decided to uncover some undiscovered area. Along the coast of Southshore, I discovered this tomb that read In Loving Memory Anthony Ray Stark.

Did some research and it turned out to be a friend of a developer who also worked at Blizzard. I knew about the ones in the Barrens but didn't know about this one.

It's just so weird stumbling upon someone's memorial. It gives you pause and quite a surreal sense as you're in a virtual world at a virtual plaque honoring a RL person who died probably before his time.




Staab said...

I just found this the other day as well when I was out herbing on my DK. Makes you take pause. I have no idea who its meant for but wish there family well.

Lonewolf said...

There's also a memorial east of southshore near the mountains. And check out wowwiki sometime for the story of epheonix and how the designers of the game made an in-game bow for him.


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